LAUNCH is a unique online writing and training experience created by long-time CBA (Christian Book Association) writer and author, Suzanne Eller.

This course is designed primarily for women who desire to write in the CBA or ABA market. 

LAUNCH can be described in 3 words:

Doable. Flexible. Affordable.

Suzie is a bestselling author of 12 books. She has mentored writers for almost two decades. She has worked with large ministries as a writing mentor. She has taught at writing conferences across the nation. 

LAUNCH is a building-block course created to help writers not only learn, but to step into their dream of publishing. 

Each affordable course builds upon the next, allowing a writer to build her book from the foundation up. Teaching includes videos, assignments, instruction, and tons of encouragement built right in. The goal is to end the courses with a nonfiction book proposal and sample chapter(s) ready to go.

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